Women in Design Series – Ginette Chittick

by Ling ling Goh

Hailing from an underground music background, Ginette is a member of one of Singapore’s pioneer ArtRock/Shoegaze bands, Astreal.

Trained as a graphic designer, her exploration into the realms of music, fashion, art, textiles and photography has led her to work on the themes of love, memory and encounters, blurring the lines between the worlds of craft, design and art. Punk Rock imagery still influences much of her work as does the DIY ideology which pervades her process of making.

Ginette is multi-talented – not contented just being a musician she is also a visual artist, DJ and fashion designer, and leads Diploma students in Creative Direction for Fashion at LASALLE College of the Arts. It was at Lasalle where we ourselves met. 

I love Ginette’s energy and spirit, she is real ‘Fear Tackler’ who tackles challenges head on. Not afraid to stand up for what she believes in Ginette Chittick is a total girl power!



One of the earliest scents I can remember is the smell of my mother's perfume, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, after a long day and how great it smelled. I always wondered where she went and what she did all day to come home smelling so wonderful. And years later I realised, it's not just how you wear something, but what you embody that is the essence of style. 




Name: Ginette Chittick

Occupation: DJ, Musician, Visual Artist, Designer and Programme Leader of Diploma in Creative Direction for Fashion

What do you love: Spending time with family and friends, music, art, design, plants with beautiful foliage, documentaries, gazing into the sky and stars, snuggling with my daughter and hearing her happy giggles.

What is your greatest extravagance: At the moment, plants and its peripheral accessories

What can’t you live without: my family, friends and chilli padi.

Who and what is your greatest love of your life: My husband and my daughter. 

When are you the happiest: Watching Lullela grow up and going on adventures with my family, I am happiest when I’m creative – working on music with my band or on stage. That’s when I’m totally in my element. 

Who are your favourite writers: At the moment it’s Bill Bryson who wrote one of my absolute favourite books – At Home: A Short History of Private Life.

Who is your favourite artist: Sheila Hicks and Mimi Jung. They both do work that I wish I did. 

What is your current state of mind: Feeling like as soon as I finish something on my ever long to-do list, the next check box is waiting to be ticked.

What is it that you most dislike: Hesitance.

If you could change one thing about your family what would it be: That all of us could be in one country and that country would be Singapore but with better weather, larger land, snow capped mountains, farms, lakes and streams. Oh and lovely beaches. 

What is your greatest regret: That I didn’t go on a work-holiday visa in the UK or Australia or somewhere fun when I was eligible. 

What is your motto: Just throw caution in the wind and do it. Hasn’t always turned out right, but was ALWAYS fun.


Ginette is rocking a LINGWU Silver Bubble clutch.