Women in Design Series

by Ling ling Goh

The Women in Design Series is a collection of stories about the creative women of Singapore who are encouraging, inspiring, challenging, and building the creative and design industries of Singapore and beyond.

We are all aware of the under-representation of women in these fields – from exhibitions and governing bodies to literature – and with each contribution, such as this series, I am hopeful that this tide is slowly beginning to turn.

The women featured in this series I know personally. I've had the honour of working with, travelling with, and creating with each of them as they forge their own paths while making their own lasting statements in design.

Read more about these 5 women trailblazers here: 

  1. Ginette Chittick
  2. Melody Tan
  3. Nadya Wang
  4. Nur Hidayah A Bakar
  5. Circe Henestrosa