Women in Design Series – Nur Hidayah A. Bakar

by Ling ling Goh

Nur Hidayah is a design-educator at the forefront of design thinking and education in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

A deep believer of the inter-connectedness of design aesthetics, education and industry, Nur has initiated several collaborative partnerships with various design institutions. She has led the research and study of design cultures in contemporary Asian cities between Singapore, Seoul, Shanghai and undertaken the Global Design Initiative involving five international universities to look at design as a research tool.

Nur is Dean in the Faculty of Design, LASALLE College of the Arts – a position she has held for the past 11 years.

When I was part of the design faculty at LASALLE, I was impressed at her ability to mentor staff while inspiring them to be the design leaders of Asia. Nur has a meditative calmness about her which is amazing to be around.


My personal style is understated chic, simple patterns, clean lines, neutral tones, one colour and easy on the eyes.


Name: Nur Hidayah A. Bakar

Occupation: Dean, Faculty of Design, LASALLE College of the Arts

What do you love: A love for good design. Good conversations and same holiday spots. 

What is your greatest extravagance: My travels. 

What can’t you live without: My family. 

Who and what is your greatest love of your life: My family

When are you the happiest: When I check off my to-do list and when I am at the airport going to a favourite destination. Simple luxuries. 

Who are your favourite writers: Victor Papanek, Jane Jacobs, Jan Gehl, Tyler Brûlé and Steven Heller. 

Who is your favourite artist: My one true favorite artist is my late dad, Abu Bakar Abdulla. His artistic pursuits have been the anchor to my creative career.

(Others - Raushenberg, Sigmar Polke, Damien Hirst, Julius Popp and Nathan Coley. I have full admiration as well for Singaporean masters Ong Kim Seng and Iskandar Jalil.)

What is your current state of mind: Calm, grateful and to find happiness in small, simple things.

What is it that you most dislike: These days; overcrowded places, negative talk and long, boring online meetings.

If you could change one thing about your family what would it be: Nothing. I love everything about my family.

What is your greatest regret: I don’t think about regrets. I learnt from past experiences and keep significant memories to keep me going.

What is your motto: “Simplicity is not so simple”. I keep things simple. 

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